About Us

About Us


Who you are Today is not who you have to be Tomorrow.

Fear of failure (or even fear of success) often prevents you from taking action and putting your creation out there in the world?

 But a lot of opportunities will be lost if you wait for things to be right.

That was me back in 2014, college days enjoying with buddies having fun. But being from middle-class, life was not so easy morning I had to attend the dance class in the afternoon college and after coming home in the evening taking the tuition, that was my situation.

My life changed when my neighbor invited me to see the presentation. When I saw the presentation I cud not understand anything except when the last slide  when they  talked about the different levels in the company and what the average income was and when the presenter said that they were earning 8,40,000/month and it took them 4 years to get there, I took an application form and started filling it out fast. I was like a skyrocket who was about to fly. I was full on fire, I was utilizing every minute just to learn about my business.  In India, there is saying if you respect Saraswati ( is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom, and learning ) Laxmi (Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity) will automatically come. means if you have the knowledge nothing can stop you from succeeding. So I was utilizing every minute and doing a home presentation, inviting friends, attending seminars, training etc.

I still remember in April 2014, when my final exam was approaching and my mom was hospitalized. At that movement, I did not know whether to answer exam or to be in the hospital, which was the terrible situation had in my life. In the morning I used to go to college and at night I was in the hospital along with my books, I stopped doing everything and was concentrating only on my studies and my mom. To my surprise, I noticed that I still had money coming in from my Network Marketing Business and that was the exact moment I understood what is the power of Residual Income really was!


When my mom health was improving I thought to take up job so I could reach out to more people and engage with them. I joined one of the finance company but my bad luck, at work I was having a terrible situation, my senior used to torture me like hell.

  • In the 2015 – 16, was a complete transformation of my life. I started devoting more time and part-time recruited more than 300 leads and I also started doing business online. But doing business online is not at all an easy task and but once you get the correct strategy you can boom your business online. I started to get more qualified prospects reaching out to me wanting to join my business


Recruiting online and offline marketing for the team really created big results and it’s really important to change our self with the changing technologies and changing environment.

Today I’m continuing job smoothly plus running my own business. Now every 6 months I travel with my family, That day is not far when I’ll resign my job and continue full-time business.

It was my pleasure to share about my life. Let me know if anybody wants to know more strategies to boom your business or looking for opportunities part time or full time.

I’ll be happy to reach out and help you in building your dreams.